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Welcome to Clone

Clone is Evolving!

Over the last 2 years, Clone has offered a tremendous amount of insight and opportunity to explore the world of design systems and the part they play in how products are built. Naturally, this has led to a handful of lessons learned, some of which will have an effect on the system's entire structure. In order to implement some of these lessons, Clone is in the progress of being rebuilt from the ground up with a new name: Hydrogen.

More news will follow soon, but you can track this progess on Github.

Clone as it is now will continue to work, but support will be limited as the product transitions away from a beta and into its new home.

Clone is a simple design framework for building websites.

Produced at GC Talent Cloud, it leverages the power of HTML5 data attributes to provide easy-to-use and customizable properties. Clone can be used as is or it can be imported into your project to allow for deep customization through the power of Sass.

Browser Support: IE11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

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